The AOC Corbières

A great terroir for wines

In Corbières wine is a matter of tradition and passion. One of the few agricultural activities possible in this arid region, the cultivation of grapes for winemaking goes back to the second century BC.

The Corbières region benefits from conditions and soils ideal for winemaking: The Mediterranean climate of dry, sunny and warm weather coupled with the northwest wind to cool the area at night promote long growth cycles for the vines. In terms of soils, Corbières includes a number of different types, notably shale, sandstone, limestone, and marl.

Between Carcassonne and Narbonne, Château du Vieux Parc was built over centuries in this beautiful landscape rich in flora and fauna. The private estate is located on the Terroir of Lezignan in the small village of Conilhac Corbières and includes 40 hectares of AOP Corbières and 30 hectares of Vin de Pays.

The terroir is composed of clay and limestone slopes and stony, south-facing terraces. The climate is Mediterranean –hot and dry with very little rainfall between June and October. Protected by the Alaric Mountain to the west, the rainclouds rarely reach the village. The dominant wind, named Cers or tramontane, sculpts the landscape and is perfect for the ripening of grapes.

Red grape varieties include: carignan, syrah, grenache, mourvèdre, cinsault, merlot, cabernet sauvignon , cabernet franc

White and rosé grape varieties:  roussanne, vermentino, viognier, grey grenache and cinsault

We pride ourselves on practicing sustainable farming, which respects the land in its limited use of pesticides and other chemical treatments. The estate has been certified HVE (Haute valeur environnementale) level 3 since 2017.

The grape harvest takes place at optimum maturity to take advantage of the maximum fruitiness of the grapes.
The harvest is sorted out and destemmed to obtain soft and elegant tannins.