At the edge of the village of Conilhac Corbières lies the winemaker’s house where the Panis family lives. Facing the Pyrenees to the south, the house includes the tasting cellar where visitors and neighbors alike come to discover the range of Corbières and Vin de Pays wines produced by the domain.

On the grounds of the estate can be found beautiful old trees, planted around 1850 : goldenrains, laurels, Judas, boxwood, photinias, pines, cedrus and also Osage orange trees. It is more than pleasant to cross this shaded park in the heat of summer, to get from cellar to cellar.

  • On one end of the park is the vinification cellar which dates from the mid 19th Century. It is half underground and includes epoxy-coated concrete tanks and stainless steel tanks complete with a temperature control system.
  • At the other side of the shaded path you find the storage cellar, built in the year 2000. On the ground level are steel tanks used for aging, the bottling system, and the storage of pallets. Underground on the second floor is an area reserved for French oak barrels for oak aging.

With their advanced winemaking equipment Château du Vieux Parc combines tradition with modernity to produce wines of superior quality.